Register a company LLC in Serbia


Starting a business in Serbia and register a company LLC in Belgrade, Serbia with our services. Our services for opening LLC include: consulting, choosing and reservation of a business name, preparing documents for registration a company LLC with the SBRA, for opening bank account or Tax Administration, intermediation in communication with competent institutions and bodies on both state and local level, with bank or accounting, Certification Authority, etc.

Also, you can choose some of our services for next business steps: accounting, company management services, administrative assistance, preparation of all required obligatory rulebooks, contracts and other documents, service of virtual office that enables the head office and business address of the company with receiving and forwarding complete incoming mail and other administrative services (for the first month or more).

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1. Launch your business


Pick your business location in Serbia


Your business location determines the taxes, zoning laws, and regulations your business will be subject to. You’ll need to make a strategic decision about which city and neighborhood you choose to start your business in.

To do a research and find the best place to locate your business.

Some useful information you can find at Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (PKS) or Development Agency of Serbia (RAS).

Also, we can provide you with a service to supply additional information for choosing the best location.


Choose a business structure 

Register a company LLC in Serbia


The business structure you choose influences everything from day-to-day operations, taxes, to how much of your personal assets are at risk. You should choose a business structure that gives you the right balance of legal protections and benefits.

Legal form to indicate the business name is marked as follows:

  1. Company

– “Partnership”, Serbian “o.d.” or “od”;

– “Limited Partnership” or “LP”, Serbian “k.d.” or “kd”;

“Limited Liability Company” or “LLC”,  Serbian “d.o.o.” or “doo”;

– “Joint Stock Company” or “JSC”, Serbian “a.d.” or “ad”;

In addition to the business name, in its business operations, the company may use abbreviated business name under the same conditions under which it uses its business name.

  1. Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur also operates under the business name that contains the name and surname of the entrepreneur, a description of the core business, the entrepreneur‘s mark, or “pr” and seat.

  1. A branch of a company
  2. Representative of a foreign company
  3. Business Association
  4. Other forms of organization

More on The Serbian Business Registers Agency.


Choose your business name


Company LLC operates and participates in legal transactions under its business name that is registered in accordance with the Law on Procedure of Registration.

Business name shall contain the name, legal form and the place where the head office of a company is located.


Reservation business name


The Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA) is responsible for the approval and reservation of company names.

This is the first step to incorporating your company LLC in Belgrade, Serbia.

The name you choose can’t be identical or almost identical to another company name. It can’t be offensive or contain certain words that are restricted or protected by other legislation.

You must use the name to incorporate a new company within 60 days.

If you find you are running out of time to use your reserved name – on either the 59th or the 60th day you can extend your name reservation. This will give you another 60 days in which to complete the incorporation.

Begin by SBRA that your company name is able to be reserved.


Register your business


Company LLC in Serbia acquires the status of legal entity by registration, that is by entering data of the concerned company in the Register in a manner prescribed by the procedure of registration of the Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA).

In order to register the company (LLC) in Serbia with the SBRA, the following documents need to be submitted:

  1. Application form (can be downloaded free of charge from the official web page of the SBRA);
  2. Foundation Act with certified signatures of the company’s founders (shareholders);
  3. Proof of identity of the company’s founders (if the founder is natural person: for Serbian nationals – photocopy of personal ID card, and for foreign nationals – photocopy of passport; if the founder is legal entity: original extract from the commercial registry);
  4. Decision on Appointment of Representatives (if the representatives are not specified in the Foundation Act);
  5. OP form, i.e. certified signature of each representative (the OP form can be downloaded free of charge from the official web page of the SBRA);
  6. Bank confirmation of the payment of the contribution in cash if the contribution is payable prior to incorporation, i.e., founders’ agreement on the appraisal of the value of contribution in kind if the contribution is made to the company prior to incorporation;
  7. Proof of payment of the registration fee; and
  8. Power of Attorney (if an attorney files the registration).

Documents in a foreign language must be accompanied by their translation into Serbian, certified by a certified court interpreter.


Bank account


Usually it takes one day to open a bank account in Serbia, but it is not possible in all banks for all clients, especially for clients from abroad. Also, it takes 7-10 days to make your card for e-banking.

We can give you some advice about choosing a bank, we can provide you with assistance in bank account opening in Belgrade, we can be there for you during opening and some other bank procedures. We can finish everything on your behalf with your authorization.

You should choose a bank that suits your needs best. On website of National Bank of Serbia, you can find a list of banks which operate in Serbia.


Application in Tax administration


After the company LLC is registered in SBRA, you have 15 days to finish all procedures in Tax administration (TA).


It is very important for foreign investors and entrepreneurs, who set up a company in Serbia, to understand tax regulations so they can develop projects without fear of any kind of tax fines or other unexpected costs.

You can read more about tax laws on website of Tax administration.


Digital signature


Every director of LLC in Serbia needs to have a digital signature for signing financial statements.

Based on your question we can send you an offer for getting digital signature with our help if you select one of our other services (establishing company, business representation, company management services, etc).


Accounting Serbia


An important segment of doing business for each company is quality accounting which ensures business activities complying with law regulations as well as a good information source for the company management.

We work with partner Accounting agencies so after you have registered your company, you can choose whether to leave bookkeeping tasks to us or to one of our partners who is specialized in a particular business.

If you have any questions about accounting in Serbia, please contact us.


2. Status changes or deletion of companies.


We also offer the following services:

  1. Changes or deletion (liquidation) companies LLC or Entrepreneur in Serbia in the Serbian Business Registers Agency;
  2. Status changes of companies LLC or Entrepreneur in Serbia.


3. Company management services


Our personal service is designed to give you control. Put our experience to work for your business.


Required obligatory rulebooks


Preparation of all required obligatory rulebooks (general acts) of the new company LLC in Serbia and all changes caused by changes in Law:

  1. Labour Rulebook for LLC,
  2. Job classification in the Company LLC,
  3. Work Safety Rulebook for LLC,
  4. Rulebook for safety in situation caused by fire,
  5. Accounting Rulebook,
  6. And other general acts of the enterprise.


Business representation


Maintaining contact with all Government institutions, bank, accounting agency or partners in relation to all/any obligations on everyday basis (Intermediation in communication with competent institutions and bodies on both state and local level in Serbia, bank, accounting agency; Connection with Ministry representatives and representatives of other state authorities; Intermediation in finding local business partners).


Other administrative services

Virtual business assistant and co-worker in Serbia


Preparing all kinds of documents for LLC or Entrepreneur in Serbia, contracts, invoices, business letters, documents for export-import procedure, public procurement, marketing, e-bank payment, etc.


Virtual office in Serbia


Providing the virtual office address for your company in the center of Belgrade, Serbia.

Virtual office service includes:

  1. virtual business address for registration of your company in the centre of Belgrade, in No. 10 Visokog Stevana Street (The Municipality of Stari Grad, close to the Kalemegdan) or No. 2 Kneginje Zorke Street (The Municipality of Vracar, in the Business centre Orac) as (1) a transitional solution until you find the suitable business space for your company or (2) for the companies that want to have business address in the centre of Belgrade, in one of these two Belgrade Municipalities.
  2. receiving and forwarding complete incoming mail on behalf of your company.


Domain registration in Serbia


Domain registration and opening of email accounts. Website development.


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